A personal invitation from Inez Vermeulen

A personal invitation

Inez VermeulenMy purpose in life is to share my inner wisdom and love.

As a child I was attracted to spend silent time in nature: I used to go with my bike into the fields of the fruit region in Belgium where I experienced a real sense of freedom. I actually felt one with Something: I felt pure Joy.

My parents were not religious, but I chose to go to Church by myself at the age of 9. Every Sunday morning after hearing the sounds of the church bells, I would walk to our village Church. Some 5 years passed and I decided to stay away from the sermons the parish priest who would talk badly of the young generation. At about the same moment, I was introduced to the mystical cloister orders of Saint Claire and Saint Francis. The time I spent during the youth seminars at the St Clare convent for the next 4 years was very influential on my emotional turbulent puberty mind: the convent offered a serene shelter, I learnt how to pray, chant, contemplate and how to meditate. The mystical life of St Francis and St Clare put a big imprint on my being: I read all of the books ever published on these 2 Saints and took them as an example.

After my studies as a teacher French, History, Latin and Religion, I moved to Germany for 7 years: these years were the commencement of a rapidly evolving career which continued for another 13 years in London, Milan, Rome, Maastricht, Rotterdam and Amsterdam. During these years I was a successful career minded workaholic, single and independent woman who had lost touch with her inner self.

At 35 years old, I one day sat in front of the ocean, contemplating the beauty of the sunset and decided at that moment it was time to change my ego centric outwardly life full of bad habits. I embarked on a new journey of healing and transformation. My employer at that moment sponsored me to go to the USA and study with Deepak Chopra, David Simon and Claire Diab: my yoga and meditation journey got renewed in a different tradition.

For many years, I deepened my meditation and yoga practice. Swami Rama of the Himalayan Yoga Tradition became my biggest inspiration to live a balanced and successful life. My inner world got more purified through a regular meditation and yoga practice with as a consequence that my outer world changed to a more balanced, peaceful and successful life.

I took on a Master study of Metaphysical Sciences, which offered me the opportunity to not only learn all of the world religions and esoteric sciences, but it especially also offered a deepened awakening on how to live a conscious life. I wanted to contribute my learning to my corporate working environment and developed the principles of conscious leadership in the 21st Century during my PhD study.

At 42, I met my husband Jan and his 4 children: all over sudden I became a married woman and a stepmom of 4 lovely kids. My marriage and new family life have been a real destiny changer and blessed me with great happiness and wealth. I moved back to my Belgium roots and set up my own company successfully.

I became an entrepreneur in my working field of international HR, enjoyed the freedom and material success which offered me a renewed opportunity to further deepen my spirituality. I had left my yoga community in the Netherlands and found a virtual spiritual community of Dr Pillai, an enlightened master in a very true sense.

I have been blessed to become a direct student of Dr Pillai, who is my guide on the path of self-realization. I have become to understand that all of us have the opportunity to improve our lives in every aspect, growing in awareness and consciousness. I am a living example of living a 100% material and a 100% spiritual life: a 200% conscious life lived with purpose, peace and joy.

While my international HR consultancy firm is successful, I have now been called to also teach the teachings of Dr Pillai. I have personally received his Blessings and hope to reach many successful people who resonate with these deeply transformational teachings which do not only change your outer world but also make you a more awakened and conscious being.

I warmly invite you to the different options which are offered on the Sound Life Solution platform and hope to be your guide on this extraordinary journey!

Inez Vermeulen

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