Christian meditation

What is Christian meditation?

The Christian Meditation movement goes back to the 1980s. The main promoter was John Main, who learned meditation from a Hindu swami when he was employed by the British Foreign Service in Malaysia. This meditation consisted of silently repeating a prayer word, the mantra Maranatha. John Main later became a monk (Benedictine) in London and discovered a strong relationship between the method of meditation that he learned from his Hindu teacher and the way of meditating in early Christianity. His ideas have spread quickly and led to a worldwide ecumenical movement.;;;

It involves more than the desired peace

During the free Christian meditation sessions on the first Monday evening of the month between 8.00-9.00 pm, you go a step further:

  • In the silence, you come into contact with the deepest values of your life.
  • You touch the depth of your existence; become one with the Absolute, with God, with the One.
  • You listen to God while God listens to you without a word being exchanged.
  • You seek to become one with Christ, who is one with the Father, the source of all Being.

But what actually makes this meditation Christian? The answer is that you trust in Christ when entering the meditation, which makes the meditation Christian. Growing in oneness with God is closely linked in the Christian faith to the growth in awareness of our oneness with the living Christ. After all, He is, in his glorified state, at one with the Creator, the Source of all life, the Father. And by becoming one with Christ, with His Spirit, we too can share in this deep oneness with the Father.

During these meditation sessions reference is made to the day’s reading from the book “The Quiet Revolution” by John Main, and then we spend twenty minutes in silent virtual group meditation. You will be guided how to proceed in silence and how you can use the mantra Maranatha in meditation. After this joint meditation I give a brief instruction with a specific theme for meditation. After the meditation, there is the opportunity to ask questions via the chat box of the zoom video programme offered for these sessions.

Why Christian meditation with Inez Vermeulen

When I was 13, I learned to meditate at the contemplative, mystical Poor Clare Sisters in St. Truiden, Limburg, Belgium. Sister Caroline, with whom I have maintained a warm friendship for almost 30 years, is a follower of Clare of Assisi who was under the influence of Francis of Assisi. This friendship and the contemplative seminars during my childhood left a deep impression and forever linked me with the footsteps of the world of mystics. Due to the fact that I have studied all the world religions and follow the teachings of Dr. Pillai, an enlightened mystic who transcends religions, I am a channel from which you can experience the Christian tradition and the teachings of Jesus in a deeper way. You are welcome on the first Monday of the month. (See calendar)

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