By meditating
you create more awareness


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You cannot end karma
until you become totally empty

Karma, Destiny, Growth

In short, karma is your destiny. An orange seed has a destiny to grow into an orange tree. An apple seed grows into an apple tree. Just as a plant has a destiny so does every human being. Destiny is destination. You start out at a point and then move forward. Finally, you stop moving forward, and the momentum ends. Growth is a mystery. Ironically, growth itself is a process of decay! A child is growing, but at the same time it is decaying! The child is growing towards old age and death.

Karma is the force which causes you to reincarnate. Birth after birth, you come into being because there is this cyclical karmic force which creates life to experience desires which you had no time to experience in that lifetime. And for some, a time comes when you don’t want to come back at all, because you are tired of coming back and you want to return to Being. Then karma ends.

So karma is not just a metaphysical philosophy. It is real. Whatever you think becomes a reality in the invisible space time complex of your soul, and then this manifests in life after an appropriate lapse of time. The Buddhists say that you cannot end karma until you become totally empty. When you are empty, there will be no more movement; there will be no more desire. And when there is no more desire, there is no possibility for life. Every one of you has come here to act out something in life. You came here to become the president of the country or to be a homeless person. You came here to marry someone or to divorce someone else. You came here to experience success or incredible prosperity. Or, you came here to go through poverty and slavery.

What will diffuse karma
is attention

Diffusing Karma through attention

So, what will diffuse karma is attention. If you are attentive, then things cannot get overlooked. You can stop things by virtue of your own attention. Why don’t we have much attention now? We are lazy. So, with attention, you can stop things. This is the law of nature. Attention means care. Attention and care are synonymous. If you bring more attention, you bring more care. When you bring more attention, then you become more alert. Then karma will stop. Karma stops because you are waking up to a different dimension of existence where you are able to see the karma coming forth, and then the attention burns off the karma. This is how you avoid the dangers that are yet to come.

Patanjali, the enlightened Indian yogi who compiled the Yoga Sutras, speaks about why one needs to meditate. He says you have to meditate because you have to avoid the danger that has not yet come. You have created enough dangers for several lifetimes. They are unfolding. This lifetime is not enough to live those events, so you are going to create other lives to enjoy it or suffer it. So what you have to do is just meditate more. By meditating you create more awareness.

One has to wake up to the reality which is infinite intelligence. Intelligence is synonymous with awareness. You have to become aware.

You eat with awareness.
You sleep with awareness.
You study with awareness.
You work with awareness.
You play with awareness.

You have to learn to develop more consciousness within you. There is a bodily awareness that you have to create, and then awareness of the consciousness itself is another project. While sitting here, you can become conscious. Right now, you are unconscious. I can create consciousness in you provided I tell you how to do it. It’s a simple exercise. Try this right now. Just sit and then become conscious of yourself, conscious of your body. In order to remain focused, you should keep your eyeballs still. Keep your eyeballs still and just become conscious of your skin all over the body. You will be creating an energy field. You see how it happens? So, if you remain in this way, you’ll become more and more conscious.

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