Transform your life
with the New You coaching programme

Transform your life with the New You coaching programme

Ever wonder why certain things happen to you, and why no matter WHAT you do nothing seems to change? Well, it’s not entirely your fault! Yes, your life is dictated by your thoughts, your decisions and your actions – by an almost in-built guidance system. According to the Yogic scientists, you’re pre-destined to live a life controlled by your past actions and the invisible force known as karma! We’ve got news for you: the Yogic scientist Dr Pillai developed a way to rid yourself of limiting, past-life karma. Following the New You programme is your first step towards your new karma-free life. In only five weeks, you’ll learn how to create a New You and transform your life.

Transform yourself with
the New You online coaching programme

Quick overview

  • Programme: New You

  • Purpose: Remove Karma and Break Free From Your Past

  • Duration: 5 weeks

  • Start: to be determined (minimum 10 participants for group sessions)

  • Location: online (sessions with coaching only). After your registration, you’ll receive more details on how and when to join the programme online.

  • Language: English

  • Format: online video conference, group or individual coaching sessions, or self-study (as per your preference)

  • Time investment: 5 weekly sessions, plus your personal daily practice of 20 minutes

  • Provided learning materials: programme schedule, PDF documents, audio files of mantras, chants, meditations and techniques

  • Ideal if: you want to break bad habits and patterns from your past

  • Results: you can realize a New You and live the life you desire. Past karma will no longer influence your present or future life.

Pricing and ordering

New You

Remove karma and break free from your past

- Group -

195,-for 5 sessions
  • Includes:
  • Programme schedule, PDF documents, audio files of mantras, chants, meditations and techniques
  • Online group sessions
  • 5 sessions
  • 1 hour per session
  • 30 days risk-free no-questions-asked refund

- Individual -

450,-for 5 sessions
  • Includes:
  • Programme schedule, PDF documents, audio files of mantras, chants, meditations and techniques
  • Online individual sessions
  • 5 sessions
  • 0.5 hour per session
  • 30 days risk-free no-questions-asked refund
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Or click here for the 100% study yourself-programme (price: $47,-)

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What IF you could finally break the patterns
that have kept you stuck in a life you no longer want?

This programme is for you if…

  • You want to live the life you desire and realize a New You
  • You finally want to break the habits and patterns that, until now, have kept you stuck in a life that you no longer want.
  • You no longer want your past karma to influence your present or your future.
  • You have tried to change yourself before, without success.
  • Your daily life is characterized by stress, problems, struggles and difficult situations that prevent you to live to your full potential.

Completing the New You programme will bring you…

You now can choose to really transform yourself. This programme will end your on-going struggle with financial matters, your bad luck in finding healthy relationships, your stress at work and at home, and will bring you peace of mind. Whatever you are struggling with, whatever it is you’d like to change, know this: there IS A Way To Break Free From The Restraints Of Karmic Influence And Live Life Anew!

There IS a way to break free from the restraints of karmic influence
and live life anew!

What is the New You programme?

For thousands of years, the Yogis and Siddhas of the Indian tradition have been using once very secretive techniques, passed down from master to student. These techniques can help you remove the invisible influences of karma. The New You Programme was developed by Dr Pillai and uses techniques typically reserved only for those from the Siddha lineage. The programme consists of five powerful sessions during which you learn five Siddha techniques and a valuable intention setting exercise. For extra effect, the techniques come with powerful sounds (e.g. chants, mantras and meditations) and exercises that help you solve problems quickly and efficiently.

Inez Vermeulen has studied with Dr Pillai for 5 years and has been blessed personally by Dr Pillai to teach the Pillai programmes. As your group or individual coach, she will guide you on your way to a karma-free life.

Study alone, or with Inez Vermeulen’s individual or group coaching

There are three options for following the programme:

  • Group coaching €195,-
  • Individual coaching €450,-
  • Study yourself $47,-

After your registration for the programme, you will get access to the full package of downloadable study material. The study material consists of:

  • PDF summaries of each lesson, with:
    • Theoretic background information
    • Explanations of techniques to diffuse your karma
    • Texts of mantras and chants
    • Home assignments
  • Audio files (mantras and chants)
  • Videos of the weekly coaching sessions (exclusive for participants in the coaching sessions)

Five weeks of intensive coaching for optimal result

Choose the setting that suits you best: being self-study, the one-on-one sessions, or participate in the weekly group sessions. If you want to get the most out of the New You programme, go for the group or individual coaching sessions. You then get five one-hour sessions that contain part of the original English teachings of dr Pillai. The sessions will take place online, through video conferencing. Inez Vermeulen will guide you in English, either in-group or individually. She will monitor your progress, help you with the flawless pronunciation of chants and mantras and a correct application of the techniques. Also, she will help you with your practice, to integrate the techniques into your daily routines.

Try the New You programme risk-free
for 30 days

If you aren’t satisfied in 30 days, simply send us a message for a full, no- questions-asked refund.

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Or join our free online meditation classes to get a flavour of the programme (every last Monday of the month from 8 to 9 PM).