Millionaire Yoga helps you get rid of your limiting thoughts
on your relationship with money.

Millionaire Yoga Programme

Are you constantly struggling to make ends meet? Are you living a budgeted, mediocre lifestyle? Is it virtually impossible to make your business profitable? Or are you interested in taking your already comfortable financial status to the next level? If you fall into one of the above categories, I’d like to recommend an exciting solution that you may have never heard of. It’s called “Millionaire Yoga” – a brain-empowerment programme designed by Enlightened Master Dr. Baskaran Pillai to activate what he refers to as the “Millionaire’s Brain”. If you have never heard of him, Dr. Pillai is the man Dr. Wayne Dyer called “Guruji,” and “one of the most enlightened people on the planet”.

In this five-week online virtual group or individually coached programme, you will discover exactly which emotions and thoughts are holding you back in manifesting an abundant life. Your wealth creation can start already during the programme.

Sound Life Solutions

Activate your millionaire’s brain

Millionaire Yoga is based on the idea that the brains of millionaires, billionaires, and ultra-successful people function differently than the average person’s. There are actually scientific studies that support this. In Millionaire Yoga, Dr. Pillai reveals the specific parts of the brain that are associated with the millionaire’s brain, and the specific sound-frequencies, or mantras, that can activate them.

Dr. Pillai has been employing this sound-technology for years now to impoverished children in India, Mexico, and the United States with great success. Both quantum physics and enlightened seers agree it is the fundamental building block to our world. Through regular use, children are going from literally living on the streets to becoming college graduates, engineers, and teachers. It’s gaining recognition and is now being studied by a Harvard medical research team and a reputed medical college in India to further examine its effects on the human brain.

The 5 step formula to attain a millionaire’s brain

By following the Millionaire Yoga programme, supported by Inez Vermeulen’s professional coaching, you will:

  1. Activate your pineal gland – Receive a highly sought-after pineal activation to awaken your natural ability to manifest thoughts into three-dimensional reality, and access the highest intelligence.
  2. Energize your money manifesting centres – Energize your brain with a sound-frequency that unlocks unlimited brain power, intelligence, and creative ability.
  3. Cleanse the negative cortex – The neo-cortex is the source for all self-limiting beliefs and negative conditioning. This sound-frequency will rebalance your neo-cortex and infuse it with wealth energy.
  4. Awaken your emotional brain – Emotions are what cause thoughts to manifest, and awakening the emotional part of the brain gives you the ability to powerfully channel emotions for rapid manifestation.
  5. Programme abundance consciousness – In this final step, you will be initiated with a special kind of empowerment that gives you total abundance consciousness.

The programme is suitable for both entrepreneurs and private persons.

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