Manifesting Miracles lets you reclaim
the manifestation power of your brain.

Manifesting Miracles Programme

Are you fed up with that nagging, negative little voice in your head? Is it hard for you to see the world in a positive manner? Is your glass always half empty? Then it’s time for change! Did you realise that EVERYONE of us has to deal with negative thoughts?! But there is a way out. The four-weeks online Manifesting Miracles programme, supported by group or individual coaching, helps you turn your thoughts around and become the happy person that always sees life from the bright side. Moreover, it teaches you how to create the material things you have long been dreaming of, all by using your brain power!

The Manifesting Miracles Programme has been developed by Dr. Pillai. This enlightened Master from the Tamil Siddha tradition is on a mission to create a fully empowered humanity, free from suffering of any kind. He combines ancient mystical findings with scientific research and brings us practical life-changing techniques and tools. The Manifesting Miracles Programme will be taught to you by Inez Vermeulen, his student for years.

Sound Life Solutions

Say goodbye to negative thoughts

Did you know that you create things with your thoughts? Everything starts with your thinking process. Shouldn’t you be thinking only about positive things then? So get into a positive mind-set right now! Choose your thoughts wisely. According the Yogis and Siddhas, 90% of your mind is made up of sound, of language. So if you want to change your mind, your thoughts, change the sounds. A disturbance in these sounds is the root cause of your negative thoughts. In the Manifesting Miracles programme you learn to bring these subtle sounds back into harmony and reclaim the power of your brain.

Learn the art of conscious creation

By reclaiming your brain power, you put yourself at the steering wheel of your creation process. With the power of your brain you can manifest whatever you desire. Dr. Pillai has shared with us some very powerful sounds for thought-manifestation. If you use these sounds regularly, you will cleanse your mind of negative thoughts, and install the concept of unlimited possibilities. Combined with a step-by-step guide for goal-setting, specific mantra’s, meditations and affirmations, you get a powerful tool set to consciously create every aspect of your life with ease.

The programme is suitable for both entrepreneurs and private persons.

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