The sound waves used in Sound Life Solutions
help transform the karma of your mind, body and soul.


The sound waves used in Sound Life Solutions are words/power sounds which are found in divine languages such as Sanskrit, Hebrew, Tamil, Arabic. These ancient power sounds contain high vibrations that help transform the karma of your mind, body and soul.

Use these techniques
to create positive, powerful changes

Life changing Mantra’s

What is Mantra: Manas and Tra are two Sanskrit root words that combine to form the word mantra. This means literally ‘mindtool’ or ‘mind liberator’.

The life changing programs of Sound Life Solutions carry secret sounds and other tools used by enlightened beings in ancient times from the esoteric teachings of India. Even working with just a few of the techniques will enable you to create positive, powerful changes for yourself.

Dr Pillai comes from an illustrious and esoteric lineage of enlightened Indian saints, the Tamil Siddhas, who have been passing on enlightened teachings for thousands of years, usually in very small circles of selected students. Dr Pillai is a fully enlightened teacher. His programs offer information that will bridge the gap between matter and spirit for many people, and allow more people direct experience of Divine Grace.

Wayne Dyer in his best-selling book, Manifest Your Destiny, dedicated to Dr Pillai, expresses this idea: “Unfortunately, the people of the world have yet to apply this hologrammatic understanding to their living. Seeing ourselves as connected to all of humanity is an idea whose time will come, and it will not be stopped.”

Sound Life Solutions

Karma: Frequently Asked Questions

Karma is the spiritual law of cause and effect. Through good acts you create good karma, and through bad acts you create bad karma. For instance, if you have done good actions in your past lives, this lifetime will bring a life of luxury, good health and happiness. Conversely, bad karma from past lives will create problems, suffering and poverty in this lifetime.

Yes and no. Karma is one’s destiny. There are certain types of karma that you can change, and some types you can’t change. For instance, it is impossible to change an orange into an apple or a donkey into a horse. But, it is certainly possible to change one’s financial or relationship karma. We came to the earth-plane to undergo karma.

If you have good karma and that good karma is giving you good results, you don’t need to change that karma. Bad life created by bad karma must be changed. It is not a good idea to prolong pain and suffering in the name of God or bad karma.

Yes. Not only your acts create karma, but even your thoughts also create karma. You should be careful about what you think.

You could. But I advise against it. When you interfere with the karma of others, there is always a price to be paid. One should be strong enough to take on the karma of others before attempting this.

Reincarnation is caused by karma. If there is no karma in your stockpile, there will be no reincarnation.

The easiest way to change your karma is to use the mantra Thiru Neela Kantam. You visualize a blue light in your throat and go on chanting this mantra at your throat. This mantra will reverse your bad karma. In addition to chanting the mantra, you need to reprogram your mind with positive affirmations.

How can I change my karma?
The simple answer is: use a mantra

Mantra: Magical Sound That Can Change Your Life

A mantra is a magical sound. It is a Divine tool to create whatever you want to create.

The mantras are part of the space energy. (Space energy is one element among five, the others being earth, water, fire, air.) Meditating on the space energy, the ancient enlightened yogis discovered the sounds in deep states of trance, called Samadhi.

The mantras have no beginning nor an end. They are as old as space and the universe.

The Vedas (Books of Knowledge) written in Sanskrit are the oldest texts on mantras. They may date back to 1500-1000 B.C. The Vedas talk about the use of mantras to get into non-ordinary states of consciousness and for obtaining spiritual as well as material things.

Mantras are energy forms of matter. For instance, you want to buy a house or a car. There is a specific energy form that controls matter that gives you material comfort. In this case, I recommend the use of the mantra “Shreem.” You go on using the mantra repeatedly. The mantra will then attract the car/house towards you. It is magical.

No doubt the mantras are tiny, often with only one or two syllables. But, is it not true that the atoms, tiny as they are, carry enormous power? The mantras are called Bijas in Sanskrit which means seeds. The seed carries the tree within itself. I compare the mantras to DNA. Each DNA is a miniature of a particular person. With the help of DNA you can identify a person, and perhaps in the future, even clone the individual. Mantras are energy DNA’s. You implant them in your mind, and then you manifest the energy.

It varies from person to person. Some people have gotten results in days, and some take months. The bottom line is that you use the mantra until you get the results.

There is a one minute meditation which is very powerful. See the “One Minute Mantra”.

Mantras can be chanted as well as used mentally. When the mind is noisy, use the verbal chanting method. When your mind is quiet, use the mantra mentally. The thinking method will quiet the mind and will give you tranquillity.

Mantras are a-religious, although they were originally discovered by the yogis of India and have long been part of the Hindu tradition. The practice of a mantra does not convert one to Hinduism or interfere with your spirituality.

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