Change your life
by changing your brain

Sound Life Solutions offer brain changing education to entrepreneurs, corporate professionals and school communities seeking to achieve their highest potential.

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Welcome to Sound Life Solutions

The latest scientific findings establish that you can change your life by changing your brain. For many years, scientists believed that your brain was a static, hard-wired organ, but the study of Neuroplasticity has proven otherwise. Your brain is forming new connections and growing new brain cells every day. You have the ability to transform your health, finances, career and relationships by using the secretly guarded esoteric techniques of yogis and Siddha Masters. Sound Life Solutions has been empowered by Dr Pillai, an international teacher, enlightened Siddha Master, humanitarian and scholar-mystic from Southern India to facilitate the teaching of these life changing esoteric techniques and sounds.

As your body’s “central processing unit,” your brain is in charge of a staggering array of functions, from processing and perceiving stimuli to motor control and memory storage. Habits and beliefs programmed into your mind over a lifetime of responding to experiences are stored in long-term memory, and may cause you to resist new ways of doing things.

However, rapid shifts in neural activity can create new associations, habits or beliefs. The absorption of ancient mantra sounds help you to adopt new perceptions and behaviors and solve old problems quickly and efficiently.

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Sound Life Solutions

New You Programme

Remove karma and break free from your past

New You Programme

Transform your life with the New You coaching programme.

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Sound Life Solutions

Millionaire Yoga Programme

Activate your millionaire’s brain

Millionaire Yoga Programme

Create wealth with the Millionaire Yoga coaching programme.

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Sound Life Solutions

Manifesting Miracles

Say goodbye to negative thoughts

Manifesting Miracles Programme

Manifesting Miracles lets you reclaim the manifestation power of your brain.

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Our promise for the 21st century

Sound Life Solutions exists to ‘inspire’ and ‘transform’ everyone who is touched by the life and brain changing education programmes of dr Pillai.

The proposition of Sound Life Solutions is profound, solid and timeless. When we bring value, joy, success, balance and vitality to our clients, then we successfully nurture our environments with a higher consciousness. That is the key to fulfilling our obligation to bring more consciousness into this world.

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To inspire and transform in
Body, Mind and Spirit

To help achieve highest potential through our
brain changing programmes and personal guidance.

To create higher consciousness, live our purpose
and make a difference with everyone we engage with.

Vision Sound Life Solutions


Being a great place to work where people are inspired to use their highest potential


Being conscious of our responsibilities, we serve humanity and give back to the people in need


Being a conscious global citizen that makes a difference


Nurturing a winning network of partners and building conscious working relationships


Bringing a portfolio of sound life solutions that help people to live a conscious life

Dr Pillai

Dr Pillai: ‘Sounds create Intelligence (S=I). This is not a theory that is relevant for only one tradition, but almost all traditions of the world. I’ve been working on this for nearly three decades and I was very happy to come with this equation S=I, which is Sound =Intelligence’

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